Family voices were heard by district teachers and administrators

November 8, 2023

Topic: Updates

Community Consolidated School District 21 staff and administrators hosted a Family Voices event on Nov. 6, inviting parents in the district for an opportunity to increase student and family enrichment and provide thoughts on potential family learning programs. By sharing insights and concerns, the parents worked alongside educators and school administrators to develop strategies to enhance the overall learning experience – for their students and themselves. 

The event also fostered a collaborative and supportive environment in which parents actively engaged with the district in their child’s educational journey. Parents gained a deeper understanding of the curriculum, teaching methods and extracurricular activities available to their children and made suggestions to future programs. 

Moreover, the event promoted transparency and trust between parents and the school, creating a strong partnership to positively impact students academic and personal growth –  leading to better learning outcomes for all.

The event – which had over 50 attendees – was a big success and provided crucial insight to students’ education and the needs of the parents. Breakout rooms in English, Spanish, Russian and Ukrainian were provided as well as childcare.