Field, Frost, Tarkington, Whitman parking lots to be reconfigured amid student arrival, dismissal improvements

August 2, 2023

Topic: Updates

The parking lots at Field, Whitman, Tarkington and Frost Elementary Schools are set to be reconfigured in time for the 2023-24 school year as Community Consolidated School District 21 looks to improve student arrivals and dismissals, according to Micheal DeBartolo, assistant superintendent for finance and operations.

Speaking before the board of education on July 27, DeBartolo said the district had studied the parking lots at Tarkington, Field and Whitman during the previous school year. In terms of traffic flow, those three schools were the “most challenging” in the district.

Based on some concerns last fall at Frost, the district then looked at ways to improve that parking lot, as well. The issues and concerns district-wide came from administrators, staff, parents and the board, and focused on the safety of all individuals on campus during arrival and dismissal; traffic flow for drop off and pick up during arrival and dismissal; and the separation of buses, cars and pedestrians.

The district engaged the engineering consulting firm of Kimley-Horn to analyze the issues, a plan was developed, and the district intends to implement it for the new school year.

“These plans will obviously help the flow of traffic and enhance safety; however, we’re also asking parents and members of the community to be mindful of students as they arrive and depart school,” DeBartolo said.

The district and each building, along with the assistance of Kimley-Horn, will continue to communicate these new plans via ParentSquare, a direct building announcement, ongoing announcements through each school’s newsletter, a section on the website, and new signage in the parking lot. Pay attention to the district’s website and social media accounts for updated graphics on the new traffic flow.