About London

London Middle School is a public school in Wheeling, Illinois that is part of Wheeling Community Consolidated School District 21.  London Middle School is named after the author Jack London (1876-1916).

London School serves more than 600 sixth through eighth grade students.  At London Middle School, the students’ day is divided into a core block and an exploratory block.

  • The core block comprises instruction in the core curricular classes of math, communications (language arts and reading), science and social studies, as well as Homebase.
  • The exploratory block comprises receiving daily physical education (PE) and 2 additional exploratory courses per twelve-week trimester. During seventh and eighth grade, students also have the option of electing Spanish as a year-long course. Our elective music program consists of the following during the middle school day: rehearsals and small group lessons for band, orchestra and choir.

Students at London have an opportunity to become involved in a variety of after school activities, clubs, and sports. Students at are encouraged to Be Striking!

Be Respectful
Be Responsible
Be Safe

Opened: 1961

Mascot: Lightning Bolt

Colors: Purple and Silver

Motto: Be Striking!

Mission: Ensure engaging, innovative, equitable and safe learning experiences for every student, every day.

Core Values: Equity, Whole Child, Engagement, Stewardship, Continuous Improvement, Trust & Respect, Partnership, Accountability, and Growth Mindset

Vision: CCSD21 strives to empower every student, every day, in every school.