Drop Off/Pick Up Procedures

Drop Off/Pick Up Protocol at London:

  1. Follow directions of all the London staff.
  2. Cars should enter the second (1st lane after the bus lane), third or fourth lane from the front of the school to drop off students (see visual).
  3. Please pull up all the way to the end (or car in front of them) to ensure that families, students, and staff can exit in a safe and timely manner.
  4. Once students get out of their cars, they can proceed to the cross walk. Waiting to stop right before the crosswalk increases traffic exponentially.
  5. Be careful of students walking and all of the crosswalks.

Click here to view a map to help support an efficient and safe arrival and dismissal procedure.

It is very dangerous for cars to form two lines in the first row of the parking lot. Students would get dropped off right next to another vehicle and cars may not see them and begin to pull away – very unsafe!

Thank you for your support in keeping everyone safe at London!