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CCSD21 a school is comprised of 13 schools across 6 different communities in Illinois.


Community Consolidated School District 21 serves nearly 7,000 students in 13 schools across 6 communities in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. London Middle School serves students in grades 6-8. School starts at 8:30 AM and ends at 3:30 PM daily.

Accelerated Communications Expectations

Classroom Objective

All individuals come to class with various strengths, struggles, interests and abilities.  Through authentic texts and real world events, we will broaden our literacy skills, expand our global knowledge and connect to our communities.

Classroom Culture

Everyone comes to class with different levels of skills and interests.  We will be digging deep and embracing struggle this year.  As a class, we will respect and support each individual throughout our journey together.

Supplies Needed for Accelerated Communications

  • Charged Chromebook
  • Loose-leaf paper or notebook
  • Writing Utensils (you should always have at least two pencils, two black or blue pens, and a grading pen)
  • Post-it notes
  • Highlighter
  • Pocket Folder

Classroom Organization

  • Much of your classwork will be done on your Chromebook, which is why it is important to keep your Chromebook charged.
  • Your pocket folder will be used  to keep any important documents or pieces of writing that are not completed on your Chromebook.
  • We will be keeping a file folder in class as a Portfolio, however, you will also have a portfolio on your Chromebook.
  • You will not be allowed to go to your locker once the class has begun.  Being unprepared will reflect on your SDL grade and result in a misstep.

Rules and Procedures

  • All London students are following our school-wide STEP-It-Up program and District-wide Learner Qualities.
  • ATTENDANCE: All students should come to class on time and ready to participate.  Participation will include activities such as:
    • Whole group and small group discussions
    • Reading texts, both fiction and non -fiction
    • Daily reflections
    • Creating written works
    • Viewing multi-media clips
  • TARDIES: Students are expected to know when their class begins.  Being on-time means to be in a seat and ready to learn.  Arriving after class begins means you are tardy.  If you have a pass from another staff member, the tardy will be excused.  The first tardy will earn a teacher warning.  The second tardy will result in a misstep.
    • 8th Grade: 12:17- 1:19 (Room 409)
    • 6th Grade: 1:22- 2:22 (Room 321)
    • 7th Grade: 2:25- 3:30 (Room 321)
  • COMMUNICATION: It is very important that you communicate your needs with me.  If you want to talk about grades, need extra practice, or need more of a challenge, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.  We can set up an appointment to discuss things further.  You can reach me via e-mail or by coming and talking with me.
  • HOMEWORK: Any homework is due at the start of class on the due date.  You will not be allowed to leave class to print your homework.  The LMC is open before and after school, or you may print any work during lunch or homebase as your teacher allows.
    • Missing homework will reflect in your SDL grade.
  • GRADES: Grades and Learner Qualities are given based on:
    • Daily work
    • Papers, Projects, Speeches
    • Notebooks
  • BATHROOM/ HEALTH OFFICE: Let me know, and sign out on the sheet near the door.
  • DISMISSAL: Class will be dismissed once I have asked everyone to pack up their belongings.  Please always clean up your area as we share our rooms with other classes.